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Much to the disappointment of new market traders keen to obtain one of the vacant plots in the markets of Orihuela and the coast, for the third time, proposed plans to adopt new regulations have been rejected by the opposition, but majority PP group. The councillor for markets has explained that the previous rules have expired, so they are unable to put the plots out to public tender, but there is still no sign of an agreement being reached between the political groups to even discuss the new regulations, as many of those affected are now criticizing the PP for “playing games” for political gain, and not allowing the government team to implement the necessary regulation. Manuel Gallud, the councillor responsible for the department, has vowed to do everything possible to ensures that the “hundreds of families” waiting for the adoption of a new regulations that allows the City to award new places in the various outlets, and therefore create jobs, will continue, describing the PP as “irresponsible” for rejecting the Ordinance.

The Department of the Coast, Beaches and International Residents, led by Martina Scheurer, has now lowered the pavements at 40 crossings along the coastal roads, to make them accessible to people with reduced mobility and thus adapt them to accessibility standards. “Our goal is to continue working this winter on the installation of handrails on the stairs to the beach”, said Scheurer, who believes that the town hall are “addressing the most urgent demands of the neighbours”.

Work has begun on removing 15 of the 37 speed bumps situated on the CV- 915 road between Beniel and Desamparados, for a contract awarded in September to the CHM Obras e Infraestructuras, SA, with a budget of 25,903.68 euro, after their successful bid out of the six businesses that applied for the work. The councillor responsible, Emilio Zaplana , explained that as a “CV” road, the ownership is of the Valencia Community, so special authorisation had to be achieved in order to carry out the work on a road which carries an abundance of agricultural machinery, and so the “bumps” both hinder the natural flow of traffic, as well as slowing down emergency service vehicles who may be responding to incidents.

The Employment Development Department has organized a course for unemployed members of the municipality, with a focus on “Customer service in the tourism sector in the area of Orihuela”. IN collaboration with the tourism department, the course will be operating from the 4th of November, providing 50 hours of training in which students will acquire the knowledge necessary to prepare sightseeing tours, communication skills and customer service standards as well as being able to describe all the sites of touristic, cultural and heritage interest within Orihuela.

The Bishop of Orihuela has told the government team that they will not require tour guides for two of their facilities, the churches of Santa Justa and Santiago as well as the Museo de la Semana Santa. This has been seen as a disappointment, according to government spokesperson, Antonia Moreno, who also says that they will still continue to provide guides in other religious buildings in the city.

The Councillor for International Residents at L’Alfas del Pi, Genoveva Tent, visited Orihuela this week in order to get to know how the recent addition of “tourist routes” around the historic monuments of the city has been so successful, with a view of transposing the model to encourage tourism within the town of L’Alfas, which also has a large number of foreign residents, especially Norwegians.

The councillor for town planning in Orihuela, Antonio Zapata, has announced that the way has finally been paved to potentially allow for the legalisation of properties within the municipality that do not comply with planning legislation. The announcement was made based around a particular case of some 20 homes built on land which was not classed as for the purpose of housing, by a builder who “defrauded buyers and is a fugitive from justice”. The regulation in this case will allow the owners to undertake the necessary work, but an agreement has also been made to keep the costs to a minimum, of between 8,000 and 10,000 euro.

Celebrations took place around Orihuela this week, marking what would have been the 103rd birthday of Miguel Hernández, a famed poet and playwright from Orihuela who was given the death sentence during the civil war, only to die from an illness, but famed for his work he was a hero of the people and the fighters and wrote for them, his legacy which is still recognised around much of the local area. On Wednesday, a guided walk began in the Plaza Marqués de Rafal, where Miguel Hernández read a speech on April the 14th, 1936, passing through various key sites along this historic route.

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