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As the winter flu-jab campaign is well and truly underway, a total of 335,701 people have been vaccinated for influenza across the Valencia region since the commencement on the 15th of October.

Of those who have been vaccinated, 51% are in the “high risk” group, 38% are at medium risk, the remainder, including 3% who are healthcare workers, form the remainder.

In total, 71.64% of those who have received the jab are over the age of 64, although only 27.95% of the elder population have yet been vaccinated, with a stark difference in areas such as Elche, with a 43.8% reach, compared to Torrevieja with 18.56%.

Health experts wish to remind those at risk of the importance of vaccination, as well as remaining vigilant to temperature changes. Those classed as “high risk” include people of 60 years of age and older, those under 60 with special clinical conditions such as chronic cardiovascular or pulmonary disease, diabetes or morbid obesity; those living with chronically ill children in long-term treatment, pregnant women, workers in health and senior centres, as well as the security services such as the police, amongst others.

The department of health has 800,000 doses of the vaccine for the campaign that runs until March next year, designed to reduce the occurrence of the virus in risk groups and subsequent clinical and financial consequences resulting from infection. The vaccines cost 2.8 million euro, but estimates claim that in doing so last year saved 84,340 euro in treatments.

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