Inés del Río Prada, now free.

Following the decision by the European Court of Human Rights that a number of prisoners in Spain must be freed, Inés del Río Prado, a convicted ETA terrorist sentenced in 1989 to 3,828 years in prison having found to be responsible for the deaths of 24 people, the first to be released, is now demanding the 30,000 euro compensation that the court in Strasbourg awarded to her for her extended incarceration.

Having been released last week after Spanish judges confirmed that the ruling of Europe was correct, the Justice Minister, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon, had said that the government will not have to pay the 30,000 euro award, as she still owes compensation to her victims.

However, Inés del Río Prada´s legal team say that spain has no right to withhold the compensation award, which was granted to her for “moral damages”, because they understand that this amount is a compensation award made by Strasbourg, and in being awarded for the damages of an illegal incarceration, it is separate from any other case or award, and, therefore, cannot be seized.

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