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A joint parliamentary proposal presented by the CiU, ERC, PSC, ICV-EUiA and CUP introduced a new phase in animal protection in Cataluña, with the notion to ban circuses which use animals.

Spokesperson for the CDC, Josep Rull, said in a press conference that “today Cataluña is more like the rest of Europe”, with which Jordi Terrades of the PSC said that “enlightened society should be concerned with the rights of animals”, and thus, with this proposition, they will amend the law on the protection of animals, following on from their debate in 2010 in which they banned bullfighting in Cataluña.

Animal rights groups welcomed the proposal, with Carlos López, from Libera animalistic, representing the five groups who have advocated the importance of this reform to resemble the European social model.

A debate will now be held in which both sides will be argued, although this is not thought to be as strongly contestable as the ruling on bullfighting, given that there is currently only one operator of animal based circuses in the area, as 99 of the Catalan municipalities already prohibit this type of show. Therefore, the proposal is seen more of a formality to extend the veto across the entire territory.

In conclusion, Carlos López stated that, “He who is cruel to animals cannot be a good person, and the Catalans are demonstrating that we are good people”.

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