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Based on data presented by the European Union, the Interior Ministry of Spain has issued a recommendation that drivers of cars which are not fitted with automatic “Daytime Lights”, should use dipped headlights during the day, as it may reduce road fatalities by up to 10%.

The use of lights during the day is already mandatory on all roads in some European Union countries, whereas in others it is mandatory only on certain roads and in certain seasons. Since February 2011, it was mandatory across Europe for all new cars to be fitted with “Daytime Lights”, low power, LED´s, which increases visibility of vehicles.

As daylight reduces during the winter months, and weather conditions can cause increased visibility problems, the fact that a dark car which has lights on can be seen up to 170 meters before the one without lights, means that the government considers this to be of considerable benefit to road safety during the winter.

Therefore, the advice issued, which has been accompanied by a radio and TV campaign, says that since the country is in the reduced daylight time of year, the traffic department advises all drivers who do not have Daytime Lights installed, should have their headlights on during the day when driving by road.

In order to clarify their reasons, the campaign also states that the objective of this road safety measure is not to illuminate the way in which you are driving, but to make your vehicle more visible for other road users, both drivers of other vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists.

Last year in Spain, 70% of injury causing accidents on interurban roads in spain occurred during the day, the percentage rising to 73% in the case of urban roads. In addition, two out of three people who are killed in traffic accidents, died during the day.

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