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Despite a number of complaints that led to the investment being granted to carry out a public consultation on the bus services of the Orihuela Costa, the town hall is reporting an extremely poor response from their request for information which will enable them to amend the service to better suit those who will or may want to use public transport. Available on the internet at, the survey contains multiple choice questions and is relatively simple to complete, so anybody with an interest in the bus service is urged to offer their feedback to enable the correct amendments to be made.

Following the second “accessibility” conference this week in Torrevieja, the Councillor for the Coast of Orihuela, Martina Schreurer, announced that the town hall is currently working their way around the coastal areas correcting work that has been outstanding for some years, which involves the lowering of footpaths near crossings and key locations to allow those with limited mobility, including wheelchair or pushchair users, to have better access to pavements and road crossings. So far during this campaign, there have been thirteen streets targeted, all with the councillor making personal consultations with a number of people who would benefit from the accessibility improvements, to ensure that the town hall does everything possible to provide the walkways in areas where they will be of maximum use.

The famous “Reading Point” of the Orihuela Costa has taken yet another step forward this week, with the shelving for the books being delivered. There had been a delay in providing some of the furniture items ordered, but rather than wait for the whole delivery and delay the project, the councillor for the coast, Martina Schreurer, took the decision to have the shelves installed, allowing the volunteers to start to sort the books ready for the pending opening of the much anticipated centre. Those volunteers who have already come forward will be contacted soon to discuss the imminent opening, but the town hall are still keen to hear from the many people who had been demanding a library and saying that they would help out to come forward, as more volunteers would be appreciated.

The councillor for the environment, Manuel Gallud , and the regional director of the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Environment , Francisco Javier Sogorb , have this week participated in the release of 200 copies of the endangered “aphanius iberus”, otherwise known as the Iberian Toothcarp, into the waters of Palmeral. The fish have been bred at a recovery centre in Valencia, and, according to Gallud, they are an endemic species of the Iberian Peninsula, especially in the Mediterranean area , which has been introduced in Orihuela to “encourage their protection through knowledge and enrich the environment”. The educational benefits of the scheme were also seen by a number of students from schools in the municipality, who learnt about the various characteristics of the species, as well as their environmental benefits.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship of the City of Orihuela, in collaboration with foreigners department of the Province of Alicante has organized a briefing day in which experts from the administration will explain the details and rights of foreign nationals living in Spain, including their rights to vote, the padrón and residencia requirements, as well as being on hand to answer questions that anybody may have, thus clearing up any confusion that may have been caused by erroneous reports from none experts misinterpreting the legislation. The talk will take place on Thursday the 14th of November, at 10.30am, at the Civic Centre Alameda del Mar, where it will be presented in both Spanish and English, with other languages a possibility in the future. Admission is free but there is limited capacity for what is likely to be an event of great interest to many, so early arrival is recommended.

The Councillor of Culture, Antonia Moreno, has summarized the cumulative figures for the website that specifically features cultural events in the Orihuela municipality,, which has had 260,847 unique visitors and 553,857 page views, since it´s inauguration on the 20th of September, 2011, although the biggest increase has been seen in the most recent months.

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