The horror of terrorism

Dear Europe,

Forget those silly reports in some press about odd shaped bananas, having to wear boots and safety goggles to go shopping, or any of the other outrageous allegations, because the fact is, because of you, the monsters responsible for atrocities like these can walk free, unlike the people they killed and the families affected, what will be the result of your insistence on their freedom, whilst America kills innocent people around the world, executes criminals who have been on death row longer than the Eta prisoners, and the UK gets involved in unjust war as well as incarcerating people for longer than the judicial system permits, just because it will be a vote winner.

This, Europe, is what the people you are freeing are responsible for. You have their blood on your hands now!

Meanwhile, I bow my head in praise and salute to the Guardia Civil and police officers, the medics, the carers, the emergency services and the victims, for you are still heroes and your actions will never go unnoticed.

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