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The campaign to sterilise cats in one area of the Orihuela Costa has continued since its launch, with over 30 felines now having been captured and transported by the Little Pod foundation, taken to an officially appointed vet for treatment, then returned to their homes without the future risk of population increases. The councillor for the cost, Martina Schreurer, once again prised the work of both the Little Pod Foundation and the vets of Asoka, for their invaluable assistance in the campaign.

Work has commenced on clearing and cleaning a run-down park area of La Florida, which will shortly see town hall workers replacing some of the old and damaged features, such as football goal posts, as well as adding new elements such as fitness equipment and a ping pong table. In addition, the children´s play area will be renewed with safety flooring and fenced off, and an area specifically for dogs will be built, also fenced off, creating a multi-use area for leisure in this previously neglected area.

Part time auxiliary workers for the municipal cleaning department will see changes to their working hours implemented. Normally the staff are used to cover holidays, sickness and other extra activities, but now they will be used to extend the waste collection and cleaning into the weekend, especially focusing on commercial centres, which become particularly busy at these leisure rich times, but for which no cleaning provision had previously been provided.

Street cleaning teams have commenced their major pre-winter clean of areas immediately around waste bins in the municipality and the Orihuela Costa, using jet washes to ensure the locations are thoroughly cleaned, in a job that will cover every dustbin in the municipality. The bins themselves will not be cleaned during this campaign, as that takes specialist equipment which is only available at certain times, but the operation will reduce smells, spoils, stains and unsightly marks on the roads and pavements near to residential areas.,

The conference on employment opportunities for workers of Orihuela has proved a huge success, with many of the municipality´s unemployed workers seeking help and advice on retraining in order to improve their chances of gaining employment. The councillor for employment, Manuel Gallud, praised the values of education and training, as it was revealed that up to half of the job seekers in the municipality may lack sufficient qualifications to be seen as a viable asset in the restrictive job market. In his opening speech, Gallud spoke of tough times but also of hope and the commitment of the town hall to do anything in their power to try to help the citizens of Orihuela in which it is important to recognise “the value of workers, the value of future generations, their education and training”.

The Councillor of Culture, Antonia Moreno, announced that the ninth edition of Mercadearte held last Sunday in Orihuela was a huge success, having been visited by around 4,000 people, all enjoying around 100 stalls of artisan displays along the streets of the city, showing how the event has grown in strength since the inauguration in 2010, when there were just 32 exhibitors.

The councillor for Town Planning, Antonio Zapata, has announced an agreement with the SUMA collection company to provide six inspectors who will focus on conducting a campaign of consolidating records to identify and correct municipal records, with a view to ensuring that all properties in the municipality are paying the required amount of tax for municipal services. In particular, the team will be looking at some of the villages around the municipality, where it is believed that a number of unregistered properties may be located, thus not paying any contribution to the municipal coffers, and a number of them are not paying an amount which is justifiable for the size of the property. So far this year the town hall has already identified 970 properties where no tax is being paid, which the inspectors believe will rise to 1,400 in the first quarter of 2014, although the end figure may identify double that number of properties who are not paying their tax. With an estimated 168.76 euro average per year due on each of those properties, that equates to potential revenue of between a quarter and a half a million euro per year that has not yet been collected.

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