As the Balearic government may still be maintaining that the 100,000 protestors against education reform are the minority in Spain, their national counterparts may want to reconsider their position given that representatives of the State Platform for Public School handed in a petition of signatures to the president of the government on Friday, containing one million names of people who opposed the reforms and collected since the start of the public consultation process in September.

The Spanish stock market climbed 0.28% on Monday, setting a new yearly record of in 0.696 points, and then maintained a strong position throughout the week. spain placed on the market 4.5 billion euro in six and twelve month bonds, but pays interest of around 30%. Employment Ministers of the EU were satisfied with the measures taken so far towards the implementation of youth employment guarantee.

Evidence that the darkness of recession may soon be over was presented with a welcome boot to tourism, as figures released this week indicate a projected growth of 0.2% this year, thanks to foreigners visiting Spain.

The Spanish traffic department are intending to launch a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of older cars, by focussing on the safety benefits included in new vehicles. Meanwhile, they have also provided an additional 70 million euro into the “Plan PIVE 3”, which provides subsidy to car owners who trade in an older car for a new one.

Spanish distribution companies suffered in turnover fall last year with 36.9 billion euro, 4.9% less than in the previous year, the biggest drop since the start of the crisis, according to the employer ANGED. Spanish airport authority Aena launched new incentives to airlines throughout its network of airports, in the hope of attracting an additional 4 million passengers in 2014. Iberdrola said that suspending the production of solar electricity would result in bills dropping more than 10%.

Iberia airlines unveiled its new corporate brand, keeping the red and yellow colours of the Spanish flag and the image of the crown, but with a simple scheme following the natural lines of the aircraft shape in a rebranding project that cost 3 million euro.

The first ever survey on racism based on skin colour at police checks begins on Thursday, aimed at analysing whether discrimination exists in searches and recording potential checks, by asking for the experiences of law enforcers and their attitudes towards the majority population and the different Caucasian ethnic and racial minorities in Spain.

Amnesty International, the Association of Gay and Lesbian (ACEGAL) and other social institutions explained the actions to be undertaken following the death of businessman Juan Andrés Benítez, who died last May in police custody. Having being detained following an altercation, the forensic examination revealed that Benítez had broken a tooth, cheekbone, nose and eyebrows, had injuries on the lips, a knock on the head and on the front right of the face as well as a fracture of the right metacarpal . Also had lesions in the arms, legs, knees and lower back. The autopsy states that all those injuries are compatible with “punching or kicking”, however it has not yet been confirmed whether the injuries were caused my himself, in the incident the police were called to, or whilst being restrained.

Responding to a question in parliament from UPyD representative Rosa Díez, the Spanish government has revealed that a total of 2,529 retired Guardia Civil officers are in possession of “Type B” firearms licenses, which allows these former officers to hold and use pistols and revolvers. The government has also admitted that there is no requirement for these holders of weapons to submit to target practice and assessment, in the same way that active officers have to prove their capability at least every two years, or annually in the case of officers holding administrative roles.

Traffic lights and smart cars, remote-waste disposal and sensors, that is what modern cities will have, with even more sophisticated technologies to automatically manage problems even before they occur in real time, this is according to a conference on the future developments of city management took place this week in Spain.

Artisan bread made in professional bakeries or at home, is once again gaining fans. After decades of neglecting its production and lower consumption, a group of bakers in Madrid are fighting to bring traditional recipes back to the table, through a series of courses to get hands in the dough and thus celebrate World Bread Day.

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