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Following the legal case launched against Air Berlin, in which sought compensation of 2,635 euro to the owner of Nana, an English bulldog who died whilst in their care; the airline decided not to go to court and instead settled the case by offering the compensation request in full.

In a statement, said that “Finally justice has been done!” in recognising that the owner of the dog, Javier Ramos, has received the full amount claimed.

Air Berlin therefore recognized their responsibility in Nano´s death, when airline handlers left the dog in the sun in Seville Airport in July 2012.

A vet confirmed that Nano had died as a result of heat stroke, after being left in the parking deck of the aircraft for an hour before boarding. The airline also hid the body of the pet until all other passengers had left, to avoid a public scandal, according to the case notes, and then offered Javier a 100 euro discount voucher off his next flight as compensation.

The statement continued, “The trial was scheduled to take place today at the Commercial Court number 2 in Palma, but eventually we reached an amicable agreement”, to which the consumer representatives said shows how they intend to defend the rights of our customers and reiterate the requirements of airlines to check cargo in Spanish airports.

“We are delighted for Javier, the owner of the dog”, said Pablo Rabanal, the CEO of, “It is a victory for both him and for us, but it is more of a moral and ethical result, rather than economic, because the case has had a huge impact on the media and on social networks, where it has been shared more than 20,000 times”.

He added that this result is “a clear warning for airlines to review their pet transport protocols. We will always defend the rights of passengers, whenever needed”.

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