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Having left a dehydrated dog to die in the searing July heat of an airport, Air Berlin stands in court in Palma on Tuesday to explain both the actions that led to the firm causing the death, as well as why the airline only offered a 100 euro credit voucher to fly with them again by means of compensation.

The case against the company, which has been brought about by compensation investigation and provision website,, seeks compensation of 2,635 euro to the owner of the dog, an English bulldog.

The horrific journey started an hour before boarding the flight when the owner of the English bulldog tried to give the animal a bowl of water for the journey, which was not allowed by the carrier as it was against the rules, despite the high temperature.

In a statement, it was claimed that other animals could be seen boarding other aircraft at the airport, and they were covered with a canvas, not left in the sun for more than 10 minutes. However, in this case, the dog had been placed in a glass holding area, without shade, fully exposed to the sunlight.

Once arrived in Palma, according to the statement, the passengers waited by the luggage carousel for the arrival of the dog, which failed to appear after 15 minutes of waiting, and with no explanation of what happened, prompting the owner to seek assistance, then being taken to another location within the airport, where, after repeatedly demanding to see the dog, the response eventually came that “it was not possible as the animal needed veterinary care because it was lying within the carrier and did not move”.

Eventually, after desperate pleas to quickly provide urgent veterinary care, the owner was presented with the corpse of dog, accompanied by a voucher worth 100 euro off a future booking with Air Berlin. According to, the airline didn´t offer any assistance in either moving or arranging cremation of the animal.

The company responsible for representing the dog owner in court states that the liability of airlines for pet damage is the same as assumptions of normal baggage transportation, which is 1,300 euro, but the company brining the case in order to “defends the rights of airline passengers”, thus requiring an amount greater than the legal limit, as a result of the “extreme negligence of the airline and the passenger´s moral damages for the loss of the animal”

“We consider airlines must ensure optimal conditions for the transfer of pets”, says Pablo Rabanal, the CEO of, referring to the testament of the passenger which said that his pet was “treated like an object, a bag, rather than a living being that was”.

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