The Spanish stock market climbed 0.28% on Monday, setting a new yearly record of in 0.696 points, while Lisbon is up 0.98%, London 0.32%, Milan 0.19%, Paris by 0.07% and Frankfurt by 0.01%.

Housing sales decline accelerated by 15.4% during the month of August, with 23,552 operations. Industrial production was up by 1% in August.

Spanish distribution companies suffered in turnover last year with 36.9 billion euro, 4.9% less than in the previous year, the biggest drop since the start of the crisis, according to the employer ANGED.

Spanish airport authority Aena is expected to launch new incentives to airlines throughout its network of airports, in the hope of attracting 4 million more passengers in 2014.

Iberdrola said that suspending the production of solar electricity would result in bills dropping more than 10%.


The president of Pescanova, Manuel Fernández de Sousa, and his son, Pablo Javier Fernández Andrade, declare as defendants before the National Court on Tuesday for alleged falsification of financial information and financial statements.

The High Court holds the second day of the trial of 36 alleged members of Segi, the youth wing of the outlawed Batasuna party, the political arm of terrorist group ETA, for which the prosecution asked imprisonment of between 7 and 9 years as a terrorist organization.

The trial of the former president of the council of Castellón, Carlos Fabra, reaches its fifth day with the declaration of fifteen other witnesses, including six directors of various banks.

Several doctors declare as witnesses before the head of the Court of Instruction No. 47 of Madrid, Adolfo Carter, following a complaint lodged by a mother for the alleged disappearance of her daughter, born on June 5, 1982, in the Madrid Clinic of Santa Cristina.


In Santiago de Compostela, the president of the Xunta, Alberto Nunez Feijoo, and spokespersons of the parliamentary groups involved in the initial discussion of general policy of legislation meet, nearly a year after the regional elections.

The 62nd edition of the literary award the Premio Planeta de Novela, with a jackpot prize of 601,000 euro for the winner and 150,250 for the runner up, occurs in Barcelona during the traditional literary evening, in which the jury will decide between the ten finalists.

FEMENThe Femen movement leader in Spain, Lara Alcázar, will meet the press on Tuesday to announce the group´s demands after bursting into Congress last week, shouting “abortion is sacred”.

The results of an investigation, which was affected by the financial cuts, is expected to be released on Tuesday explaining why Spain is unattractive to graduate students from European and foreign countries, and why there is a shortage, explaining why experts describe Spain as in a “mediocre position” in major global ranking of universities worldwide.


The Spanish Society of Neurology, the Spanish Stroke Federation and the Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal, will explain an internationally pioneering program that will analyze performance in Spanish hospitals, in order to optimize all phases of the stroke process.

Traffic lights and smart cars, remote-waste disposal and sensors, that is what modern cities will have, with even more sophisticated technologies to automatically manage problems even before they occur in real time, this is according to a conference on the future developments of city management that takes place this week in Spain.

Artisan bread made in professional bakeries or at home, is once again gaining fans. After decades of neglecting its production and lower consumption, a group of bakers in Madrid are fighting to bring traditional recipes back to the table, through a series of courses to get hands in the dough and thus celebrate World Bread Day.

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