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Whilst maintaining their commitment to providing constant low prices, without resorting to gimmicks, frills and promotions such as special offers and loyalty cards, supermarket chain Mercadona has come under fire for replacing around 1,800 products which were traditionally sourced in Spain, with cheaper, and what some have called “lower quality”, foreign suppliers.

Whilst spain is renowned for numerous natural products such as oranges and olive oil, amongst may others, whereas the export market may still be seeing growth, Mercadona is now sourcing oranges from Argentina and olive oil from Morocco, as well as pumpkins from Panama and milk from France and Portugal.

The criticism has been levied towards the company as many see that whilst the country is in crisis, they ought to be sourcing locally, thus supporting the communities in which they serve. But the arguable fact is that by providing cheaper products to the market, and then the savings are handed directly to the consumer, with the opportunity to reduce the costs of the domestic produce, which would enable them to achieve a better market position within the everyday household budget.

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