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Catalan Police have dismantled a criminal group who are thought to be responsible for at least 115 offences relating to highway robberies on the motorways of Cataluña.

The investigation began after the police were advised of a gang thought to be operating in the area on the AP-7 motorway, popular with international drivers, the AP-2 and C-33.

Following their investigations, the officers managed to collate evidence and then track them down, subsequently arresting them in a sting that revealed them to be of Peruvian nationality, all aged between 25 and 37, some of whom were alleged also to be using false identity documents.

This group has always operated with the same method in which they committed the crimes, firstly identifying a foreign registered vehicle, then throwing an object which impacted the target vehicle. As the innocent victims stopped, so did the gang, using a guise of trying to offer help, causing a distraction, whilst other members of the gang stole items from the target cars.

The group also operated out of stolen vehicles, usually of similar characteristics, so as to try to avoid detection. The members of the group claimed that the victims were all foreigners because they tend to be people who travel with a large amount of money and because the victims often don´t report the incident until they have reached their destination or home country, which is then usually too late for the police to take immediate action.

In total, the police have connected the group to 115 crimes including theft; armed robberies, forgery and traffic safety violations, as well as the theft of 13 vehicles, three of the four detainees were imprisoned after going to court.

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