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Specialist officers from the National Police have been conducted a search at yet another location, in the hope of finding the body of Marta del Castillo. The search was ended on Thursday with no results, after the search of the finca “Majaloba” in the Seville town of La Rinconada, which was searched based on the latest testament of her former boyfriend, Miguel Carcaño. The father of Marta del Castillo, who was murdered in January 2009, is still convinced that his daughter’s body is somewhere “along the road” which links Seville with La Rinconada.

It is anticipated that by the end of this year, spain will have been visited by 57.7 million international tourists, thanks to the increase of 6% expected in the fourth quarter, of about 11 million tourists, according to the tourism ministry. Total tourism spending expected between October and December will be around 11,300 million euro, up 8% on the same period last year. Northern Europeans have shown a “very solid” and “positive” growth, especially from the Swedish and Norwegian markets, with a “positive” outlook also from Germany and Switzerland, with “solid growth” from France. However, visitors from Portugal and Italy are still declining.

Workers at the Panrico bakery have decided to call off their indefinite strike; after an agreement has been reached with the management of the donut and bakery firm to pay the salaries of staff, as well as their outstanding wages. The outstanding wages will be paid in stages over the next few weeks, with their full payments being guaranteed before the 14th of November, or earlier if the money becomes available. Therefore, the workers have agreed not to strike whilst payments are being made.

Electricity supply company Unesa has lost a Supreme Court hearing that could have meant a 25% increase to electricity bills. The company sought to rectify deficiencies in the rates of electricity in 2013, which would have meant a 12% increase on the annual rate, but should the Supreme Court have backed the company, it would have been immediately enforceable, which would have resulted in an immediate increase on the next bill of around 54%.

The number of passengers on domestic flights within spain fell 16% in August, compared with the same month in 2012, while those who opted for the train increased by 2.2%, according to data released this week by the National Institute of Statistics.

A total of 5,679 new companies were created in Spain during August, representing a 3.8% increase over the same month of 2012, according to figures released by the National Statistics Institute, having risen 30.5% in April, 10.1% in May, 0.8% in June and 16.2% in July. A total of 71,345 companies were created in the first nine months of the year, up 7% on the same period in 2012.

The price of housing in spain experienced a drop of 10.6% in the second quarter, the highest among euro zone countries, but represented a slowdown compared to the decrease of 12.8% in the three first months of 2013, as reflected in the data published by Eurostat.

A 44 year old Lithuanian man appeared in court in Sagunto this week, following “numerous” complaints about him walking down the street naked. The man was arrested after he was found by police officers to be throwing furniture from his first floor balcony, and then causing damage to a number of cars with an iron bar. Once arrested, the police officers offered to cloth the man, but he declined to dress, instead appearing in court in a towel. The man was released by the court, with charges pending. A few minutes later, the police received more complaints for the same reason, attending the man and giving him a blanket, but he later agreed to wear pyjamas.

Meanwhile, in other nudity news, “Showing the naked torso is not a serious breach of the order of the House of Representatives”, that was according to the statement made by Judge Ramiro García de Dios Ferreiro who has released a group feminist protesters who caused a commotion in parliament this week by exposing their breast and shouting protests.

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