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Presiding over the official celebrations of the Day of the Valencian Community, the Mayor of Orihuela, Monserrate Guillén of the Los Verdes, whilst pledging allegiance to Valencia, was critical of the regional Partido Popular government team in his speech to mark the day, in particular highlighting the 3.5 million euro debt that Valencia owes. “We see too often disappointment and debt. We loyally proclaim Valencia, but never blind, deaf and dumb to reality” he said. Relations between the city of Orihuela and the Regional Government have deteriorated in the last two years, following the local government´s repeated demands that the region face their obligations to the Orihuela municipality. “I proclaim on behalf of the people of Orihuela, an unflinching commitment to Valencia, loyalty to its people and its institutions. But let me also proclaim hope and face reality, because that same institutional loyalty is what we expect from those who are legitimate representatives of our community”, he concluded.

Orihuela council has approved payments worth 300,000 euro, including providing computer consumables for various departments of the City Council and various invoices from different council department. In addition, they have awarded 71 individual grants totalling 17,500 euro and awarded three grants totalling 875 euro for victims of domestic violence. Furthermore, the government team has altered the notice period for awarding ten scholarships, including at the University Miguel Hernández.

In legal cases affecting Orihuela, the town hall has approved urban infringement cases, both with penalties worth between 12,000 and 13,000 euro, and implemented demolition orders for properties on the coast. At the same time, the governing board has designated a lawyer to defend the City in a litigation case brought by 21 garbage collection and street cleaning employees, who launched a legal claim to charge 19 cents per kilometre for travelling to the Orihuela Costa to do their job.

Ousted former councillor for the coast of Orihuela, Pedro Mancebo, has warned that the municipality is at risk of losing the blue flag status, due to deficiencies detected on the beaches during the summer. In particular, Mancebo quotes an alleged breach of contract for the providers of the lifeguard services, from a company that he had previously appointed, due to the lack of facilities at all of the beaches for those with reduced mobility, which have only been provided on three out of eleven beaches.

Engineers and technicians have been seen this week examining the site of the suspended construction of the new secondary school for the Orihuela Costa. Although no official statement has been made by the Valencia government, it is known that such inspections would be needed to catalogue the level of work completed before the completion project can be put to tender. Therefore, it is hoped by the local authority that this may be the first sign of finally realising the project for the pupils of the Orihuela Costa.

Despite having already cut the rent bill in half for additional office space required by the

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