Car Free Day

Last weekend saw 30,000 cyclists and 2,000 sheep take to the streets of Madrid. Although unrelated appearances, the sheep were honouring an ancient tradition of rights to pass, whereas the bike riders were celebrating a car-free day.

This weekend, it is the turn of Orihuela to get involved, although nobody is expecting sheep to appear, the councillor for the environment has announced that Sunday the 13th of October will see the streets of Orihuela become dedicated to a more environmentally and healthy form of transport, as the city celebrates their “Día sin coches”. The Department has organised the event through the Pasico a Pasico group, which will start at the Gabriel Miró roundabout in the morning.

The Councillor for the Environment, Manuel Gallud, has indicated that these activities are a continuation of those that were organized on the occasion of the European Car Free Day, which was celebrated with an exhibition of electric bicycles and scooters. “The main element is a street circuit with a city bicycle tour of Orihuela”, he said, detailing how registration will open at 9:00 on Sunday, with the tour setting off at 10:30.

Gallud continued, “There will be other activities at the roundabout for children to go on skates, tricycles and such, and for their parents so the whole family can celebrate this day”. If it all sounds a little too energetic, don´t worry, your needs may well be catered for too, as there will be a rental facility to hire electric bikes.

Francisco Ruiz, from Pasico a Pasico, has insisted that the purpose of this celebration is to use non-polluting vehicles on the streets of Orihuela, thus highlighting how eco-friendly transport can be both rewarding and useful, especially in busy and polluted towns and cities.

The route will be festooned with banners and balloons, to present a positive and enjoyable concept, especially to those perhaps a little reluctant to give up their usual form of mobility, and with an 8.5 kilometre route, for which cars will be banned, the freedom of the city will be there for those willing to try a little bit of freedom in their transport choices.

More information can be found at the town hall, or via the website,

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