Orihuela Local Police

Following on from the audit of the registrants on the padrón in Orihuela and the coast, the Police in Playa Flamenca have now received a batch of letters which they will attempt to deliver personally.

Of the 13,000 anomalies identified, a large number of people have already presented themselves and confirmed their status, one way or another, and it is now up to the police to attempt to hand deliver the letters to those who have not yet responded.

It is important for the town hall to maintain as high a number of residents listed on the padrón as possible, as this directly affects the amount of funding from the regional and national governments. Orihuela currently has “large city” status, but would lose that should the figure drop as much as was originally at risk. Similarly, for the municipality to go over 100,000 residents, they would automatically obtain the next level status, which would give even more money to spend on public services and facilities.

The police will attempt to deliver the letters three times, all of which will be recorded, before the final stage of removal will commence. In this matter, the police are operating in a manner to assist both the town hall and the individual, to ensure that you are properly registered. Therefore, there is nothing to fear from the police turning up at your door to deliver the letter; they are simply following the protocol of trying their best to confirm the nationally audited statistics.

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