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Ever a continual problems facing those who consider a harmless game of bingo nothing more than a “bit of fun”, with licensing and laws on gambling ignored by some, the British Legion in Spain has taken the bold step of attempting to protect their own interests, by effectively banning bingo.

A statement reads that, “After discussions with the Legion’s Spanish solicitor”, the association has reminded Branch Committees that bingo is not allowed in Spain, unless the correct permits have been obtained from the local town hall. They also remind members that failure to obtain a license “could result in a not inconsiderable fine”.

For fear of the obvious embarrassment a respectable and charitable organisation like the British Legion would face should a case come to light, the association has said that the responsibility would lay directly with the Branch Committees themselves, should an infraction be found, and in no way using the funds which are collected to help those in need.

It is likely that other associations take a similar stance, as all too often blind eyes are turned down to the laws of a country, until such time as the legislation is enforced, and therefore, in this case, prevention is the only cure to ovoid the clickety-click of fines and prosecution.

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