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In a situation that is becoming increasingly regular, Torrevieja town hall has once again received criticism from the Ombudsman, this time for failing to take sufficient measures prevent the collapse of a listed building in Los Balcones. The Ombudsman notes that although the city of Torrevieja has ordered the owner to take emergency measures to avoid the danger of the building collapsing, they failed in their duty of conservation by allowing it to get into the state that it has.

José Serna, spokesperson for the UPyD political group, is criticizing the town hall for what he has described as the “disproportionate” amount of money spent on developing the official website of the town hall, Torrevieja.es. Serna believes that the 600,000 euro budget for the creation of the municipal website has not led to the creation of online services for the citizens of the town, but has created nothing more than an “unattractive compendium of links to PDF files and other websites”.

A total of 60 unemployed people from Torrevieja have successfully completed a training course that would give them the first step on the ladder of obtaining work in the kitchen and hospitality section. Sadly, as the summer season closure means more workers are also laid off, they may have to wait until things pick up again at Christmas, but they will at least have a certificate that will further their chances of success.

The adult education centre in Torrevieja is reporting a considerable increase in interest from young people looking to obtain further education, as they seek to better themselves and try to secure a path to employment during these testing times. Many adult education centres have been closing down around the area, but Torrevieja is one of the principal centres that is continuing to thrive.

The alleged perpetrator of the shooting that killed the notary Juan José Martínez Román in October 2009, whilst committing a robbery in Torrevieja, did not hesitate to recognize all offences listed in the case, prompting a total of 55 years in prison. The prime suspect in the case has also claimed total responsibility, stating that none of the other people who stand accused are guilty of the crime.

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