Figures released by the DGT traffic department reveal that during the recent clampdown on seatbelt wearing enforced by the Guardia Civil, half a million vehicles were checked, resulting in 5,288 vehicle occupants found not wearing a seatbelt, a staggering 318 being children who were travelling in the vehicles without any restraint, 63 of whom were in the front of the vehicles, 255 on the back seat.

According to a spokesperson from the DGT, “there is still a stronghold of drivers who ignore both the messages sent on the benefits of using a seatbelt as well as the legal obligation to do so, endangering their own life and that of others”. Continuing “despite the repetitive message that the seat belt halves the risk of death in an accident, it also reduces the severity of the injuries and prevents the occupant from being ejected from the vehicle on impact”.

With checks made from on the ground and in the air, the campaign has been seen as a success, albeit the DGT have no intention of relaxing their keenness to enforce the law through the traffic department of the Guardia Civil.

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