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This weekend marked Orihuela’s commitment to the international environmental event, "Car Free Day", with an exhibition of electric bikes and scooters on Saturday, and a pledge presented by the councillor for the environment, Manuel Gallud , for the development of a better infrastructure for cyclists and those wishing to enjoy the benefits of an eco-friendly lifestyle. The town hall are also looking at developing a network of bike rentals, from various points in Orihuela.

Sunday marked the "Beach Cleanup" day on the Orihuela Costa, with countless volunteers coming from around the municipality to assist in clearing away the remains of summer, and preparing the beaches for a stable winter. The town hall had arranged a free paella for those taking part, as well as a range of environmental activities put on by the environmental department, including presentations in a dome cinema and an eco-craft market.

Youth Councillor, Carolina Gracia, announced the launch of a new line of grants for young entrepreneurs, whose foundation has been approved by the Local Government team and are available on the website, With a proposed amount of 20,000 euro in the 2014 budget, 11,000 more than in the first edition, the grants are available to those young people who would need assistance to try and start their own business, as well as removing barriers for grants to companies who employ young people, the largest sector suffering through the financial crisis.

The Councillor for Tourism for Orihuela, Rosa Martinez, announced the intention for the municipal council to recognise World Tourism Day, which is the 27th of September, under the umbrella title of "Tourism and water. Protecting our Common Future", with a three hour guided tour from Plaza del Carmen, which will take in various water based attractions of the city of Orihuela.

The Department of Public Works, through the local Employment and Development agency, has organised a workshop aimed at giving unemployed residents of the municipality the opportunity to obtain a food handling course certificate, thus giving them the opportunity to obtain a skill that may lead to an improved chance of securing employment in the future.

The department of commerce has opened up registration for businesses interested in joining the "Outlet" commercial event, which is set to take place in Orihuela on the 3rd to thr 6th of October. Businesses interested in having a stand at the event should contact their department immediately.

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