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After months of discussion and deliberation, a parliamentary group have submitted a total of 42 amendments to the proposed educational reforms act, the Ley Orgánica de Calidad Educativa or LOMCE, commonly known as Wert´s Law, in order to “seek the greatest possible consensus”, according to the spokesperson for the Committee on Education, Sandra Moneo .

The PP group now feel that the amendments cover some of the recommendations made last July at the Education Commission of the Congress of Deputies met with representatives of the educational community, to discuss the way forward with education reforms.

The PP spokesperson explained that the act will now “give greater visibility to the principles of academic freedom and the recognition of the primary role of parents of responsibility for the education of their children”.

Another amendment formulates the provision of a favourable environment for pupils with specific learning difficulties, naming conditions such as dyslexia, ADHD, amongst others, to “adopt measures for identification, assessment and intervention without discrimination”.

The act now also includes amendments to “ensure greater cohesion of the Spanish education system, ensuring each evaluation criteria and characteristics common to all the territories in the final evaluation of primary education”.

Furthermore, the PP spokesman stressed in a statement that also the new draft also “proposes a series of amendments in order to prevent gender violence and learning the values underpinning democracy and human rights in the different stages of basic education”.

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