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Pablo Herreros is a blogger who faces court, a criminal record, a fine and even prison. Why? Because he posted on his blog that he felt the advertisers should be boycotted for supporting a TV show on Telecinco that paid the mother of one of the people believed to be involved in the murder of Marta del Castillo, who´s body has still yet to be found.

A number of advertisers did pull out, resulting in the show being cancelled.

Now, there is a petition being created to ask these advertisers to withdraw once more, in support of Pablo, until such a time as the legal case of making “threats and intimidation” is withdrawn.

Over 66,000 people have signed the petition so far (21/11/20129, ME included, so I ask if you might consider doing so too. It is in Spanish, but should be easy enough to work out, but feel free to ask me if you get stuck…

Marta was 17 when she went missing in 2009. Her boyfriend´s jacket had a large amount of her blood on it. Various people are thought to be involved and that her body was simply disposed of, possibly in a nearby river. The truth as to what happened to the young girl has yet to be discovered, and the same also applies to her body.
The family are obviously still distraught and the profiteering of such activities is thought to be somewhat immoral, under the circumstances.


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