Cashing in on the Olympics

The cost of hosting the Olympic games has been in the news so much before the event, but then the sporting fixtures soon took over, as everybody celebrated in the success of their own athletes.

However, it mustn´t be forgotten that the athletes are not the only winners. No doubt the appearance by George Michael will help his record sales and it is inevitable that the Spice Girls will make some kind of return, not forgetting the sales that will generate billions for the record industry top cats.

But their is also a reason why the sponsors are so well protected. The amount of money that they stand to make is almost beyond comprehension. Although the athletes will go home with their memories and their medals, the sponsors will go home with considerably more.

Shameless excuse to use a picture of Tom Daley

It is too early to speculate on the full extent of expense and profit, but we are aware of two companies already who are prepared to brag about how the event is helping their profits.

Thanks to the Olympics, sales in the German clothing company ADIDAS have increased by 30% in the UK. In the first half of this year, they made 455 BILLION euro and expect to beat all profit records in 2012, despite the economic crisis. Compared to the 2008 games, this represents a 250% increase in sales in the host country of the games.

Sales in the German owned car company BMW, which owns the British car brands Mini and Rolls-Royce, who had already said that sales had risen 11% to 425,528 vehicles in the first three months of the year, to March 31. The number of vehicles sold during the three-month period from April to June 2012 increased by 5.4% to a new record figure of 475,011 units.

It would be wrong to forget what the athletes have achieved, but with record viewers on TV, how much truth is their in the claims that the Olympics will provide a stable legacy for the people of the UK? Only time will tell, but for now, sit back, put your feet up and enjoy another dose of your favourite TV show, armed with your Coca Cola and McDonalds, and at least wearing your Olympic clothing, if only to feel part of the whole experience for a moment and share in the joy of what you contributed to.

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