You have Mark Nolan on the show all the time and he’s always incredibly nice. Is that legit? Or does he have dead hookers buried in his basement?

Either that’s going on — he’s a mass murderer — or he just is a gift from God. He’s hilarious and the nicest guy. Alan and I are almost turning him into a cult hero, some sort of iconic symbol. But he’s a good sport. I really do think he became more famous because of our show. He’ll come to some of our events and people just chant his name.

You’ve made the sweater vest your trademark. How’d that start?

I used to be in Last Call Cleveland, and we used to do sketch festivals. One year, we decided to all wear sweater vests. Then I quit doing Last Call, started doing stand-up, and moved to L.A. I was doing open mics for like six months, and then I got an audition at the Hollywood Improv. I was going on after Jim Gaffigan. I was nervous — a newbie auditioning to be a regular at the club. That night I wore a sweater vest as homage to my old sketch group, and as a good luck charm, just to feel comfortable on stage. I murdered. I killed. I had one of the best sets to this day. I don’t know how it happened; it was lightning in a bottle. And I remember after the show a lady asking, “Who was that kid in the sweater vest?” It dawned on me: I’m the guy in the sweater vest.

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