Fatima Sora, mother Suad Abselam and father Abdeselam Haidor

As the first births of the New Year are recorded, many people feel that it is showing an insight into the real picture of Spain, in so much as 75% of the first births recorded in the country are from immigrant families.

Fatima Sora was the first baby to be born in the country, when the stroke of midnight saw this baby girl, of Muslim parents, mother Suad Abselam and father Abdeselam Haidor, being brought into the world.

As we reported previously, the first born baby in the Alicante area was from a Portuguese mother. The first baby to be born in Catalonia was of Ecuadorian parentage, the parents of the first birth in Girona were from Nigeria, in Lleida the first born had parents of North African origin, the first birth in Murcia was from a Moroccan family, in Lorca the parents of the first born were from Ecuador and the Basque country registered their first born to be of Chinese parentage.

On the one hand some people see that immigration is proving a problem within the country, whereas others say that is shows the diversity of a country that welcomes people from all nationalities. With emigration also being popular in current times, with many Spaniards finding work in other European countries, it is perhaps just a case of borders being eased and all nationalities and people getting on better together in a racially integrated new world.

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