Futuristic Failures

Now… I don´t like to be negative, BUT… I have a complaint!!!

As we are getting close to the end of 2011, I feel that I have been let down by false promises, time and time again!!!

Twelve years ago, it was 1999. Now, I can accept some delays, of course I can, I am a realist after all, but 12 years??? Come ON!!!

Why are we not living on the moon? More importantly, why do we still not have Eagle Transporters??? Perhaps not the most aerodynamic vehicles ever designed, but beautiful all the same. Why do we still not have them after a 12 year delay???

I can only assume that there is a conspiracy going on somewhere, but I for one am not going to stand for it. I hereby declare that IF we don´t have Eagle Transporters by the end of 2012, next year, then I will start a Facebook campaign to gain support for what I think is one of the biggest let downs that the modern world has had to endure!!!

Are you with me???


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