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Everybody knows times are tough, money´s tight, there is a lot of unemployment, but there is still a lot of money going round, there must be, that´s why the whole “Occupy Wall Street” campaign kicked off, representing people like us, the 1%, rather than the 99% of “big wigs” that seem to be earning far more than they should!

Even in these times though, it is still possible to make money on-line. If you´ve got a website, posting a few adverts of links might be enough to make a few extra coins towards your Xmas fund. But you don´t need one! If you´re on Twitter, you can send out links there, Facebook as well. I am not talking about “spamming” your friends, but the occasional link to a genuine product that is of interest might just be all you need. Think of Avon representatives, they don´t spam, they simply offer great products at affordable prices, then get a commission from their earnings.

So, with that in mind, the first one I want to tell you about is an on-line course of Spanish lessons. It is called Visual Link and the whole course is based around linking pictures. Created by the U.S. Institute of Languages, it has quickly become one of the most popular and easiest learning tools on the market today.

But you want to know about the money, right? Well, I can tell you that they have already paid out over a quarter of a million dollars in commission payments to people like you and me, just offering our Avon type take on the products THEY sell. We don´t have to do any of the hard work remember, we just send out the links and they do all the fancy stuff, including taking the money.

You can have your earnings paid directly into PayPal, so you know they are secure, and you might even want to spend your earnings directly on Xmas gifts from Ebay for example.

You even get lots of snazzy banners to put on your website, if you have one, like this…

Learn Spanish Today for Free!

So, how do you do it? Well, it´s easy… All you have to do is click this link… You missed it, go back and click on the words THIS LINK and it will open up all the information you need. Or, another way is to click HERE, have a look at the course yourself, then look for the Affiliate Link at the bottom of the page.

I will tell you more places where you can find great products similar to this one, but you´ve probably already left this page and are hopefully signing up to Visual Link Spanish as we speak…

Any questions though, assuming you may have STILL missed the link, or you´re reading on to see if I have anything else interesting to say, then you can always contact me using the contact form. In SPANISH!!! Yes, that might work!!! No, only joking. Use the form to contact me if you like and GOOD LUCK.

Oh, I just thought. I might be the next Martin Lwewis!!! Oh, no. He´s the money saving expert isn´t he. I want to find you ways to MAKE money. He can carry on helping you save, I´ll make you RICH (ish) 🙂

Last time, for the interested ones who read all the way to the end… THIS link 😉 Who knew you could make money on-line!!!

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