The next interview, Saturday 8th May 2010

On Exite radio´s Weekend Breakfast on the 8th May, Mark Nolan will be welcoming another celebrity guest for a “no holds barred” chat.

She first came to the limelight in the 90´s with the explosion of the Madchester music scene, as the female singer in the infamous Happy Mondays from their first big hit, Step On. The story of the time, which most music maestros consider to be a real junction in music history, was epitomised in the film 24 Hour Party People, which showed the development of the diversity that was set to change the future of music, under the direction of Tony Wilson. In the film itself, she also made a cameo appearance.

More recently, her profile was raised when she became the last woman standing in the first ever series of The X-Factor, the same series that saw the launch of Verity Keays, G4 and was won by Steve Brookstein.

But all was not quite how it seemed! Viewers were quick to take Rowetta into their hearts as the “bonkers” one, but at the time, nobody could have realised what was actually going on in her life.

Married to a violent heroin addict, an alcoholic, out of control, but a singer, an artist and a mother, something had to be done, something had to give, something had to prompt a significant change in lifestyle, or the future was bleak.

Rowetta took the very brave step of accepting that the direction of her life was not the one that she wanted, so she decided to seek help. But not shying away, she still considered that her plight might actually help others, so she agreed to go to rehab, under the intrusive eye of the TV cameras in Celebrity Rehab, broadcast early in 2009.

There is no question that viewers saw a flamboyant, “gobby”, extrovert… Become the real soft, hurt and hard done by, sensitive, shy and real person that Rowetta was hiding away, behind the mask of confidence that was fuelled by her addiction and suppressing the pain of the abuse she had suffered. An inspiration to a lot of people, when we watched how this powerful character could fold before our eyes, accepting the problems of her past and the issues that are important to her, her life and her family, and accepting the damage she had suffered and that she was doing to others.

Her vocal tracks have been used by many of today’s top acts, from The Black Eyed peas to Cheryl Cole and countless music producers. She starred in the Songs of Sister Act on the West End and is currently touring Europe. Her debut album was hugely successful and can still be downloaded from Amazon or iTunes and from record stores.

From a life in the drug and alcohol fuelled history of the outrageous times of 80´s Manchester, to a re-birth through X-Factor and now a successful recording and touring career, Rowetta has not only experienced it, but also inspired others who may seek help, solace and confidence that they are not alone.

Now, it is your chance to ask any questions that you might have. Whether you want to know about the Madchester music scene, the X-Factor process, struggles with alcohol and life in general, whatever you want to know, Mark Nolan will ask for you.

Just send your questions to or drop a note into The Leader offices and Mark will try to squeeze as many questions into the interview as he can. It is an open floor, an open forum. Whatever you want to know, just ask. For more information about Rowetta, visit

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