The Exite Radio St. Patrick´s Day Roadshow

Want to come along and meet up with me next week? Well, if you do, this is where you will find me (but NOT singing)…

This year the Ayuntamiento in Orihuela is pleased to announce that there will be a St Patrick’s Day Festival held on the parking area near the Mercadona at Playa Flamenca from the 16th to the 18th of March. This will be a mix of exhibition, market and fiesta! The celebration is organized in conjunction with the town hall of Orihuela and will include food, children’s play area, Irish dancing, entertainment, music, market stalls etc. There will be something for everyone and hopefully this will become an annual event.

Saint Patrick’s Day is the annual feast day which celebrates St. Patrick, one of the patron saints of Ireland. The feast day is generally celebrated on March 17th. Although the day is a national holiday in Ireland, it is also widely celebrated by parades and parties throughout the world, not just by the Irish but by an increasing number of non-Irish as well. A common slogan for the day is ‘Everyone’s Irish on March 17th’ and everybody loves a party!

Every year there is a massive parade in New York to celebrate the day. This is usually watched by more than two million spectators and has around 150,000 marchers participating. In Chicago they dye the Chicago River green and in Savannah, Georgia, the fountain waters are dyed green. In many bars in the United States they also serve green beer together with ‘green’ food on the day. Worldwide it is also an excuse to try out Irish beverages such as Guinness, Bailey’s, Magner’s, Irish Whiskey etc. All in all, the day is a celebration party and everybody is invited!

Exite radio will be providing the entertainment throughout the event with a mixture of live broadcasts, their presenters playing the best mix of music and live acts, on stage, including local talents such as Rob Bloomer as Bono, Andy McBride as Rod Stewart, Angie Norris as Kylie, plus original performers like The Monos, Shay, Layla and Josh, Charlie Prince and much, much more! Not only that, but the Kingsbury Academy of Dance will be filling the gaps with a variety of performances throughout the day.

The whole event is sure to get packed, so get along early to get a good spot.

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