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  • Mobile Phone Dangers Escalating

    This week, we recognised the now global event to raise awareness of the dangers of using a mobile phone whilst driving, but still the message isn´t getting through to some people who are risking their own lives, and the lives of others, just to get noticed on social media, and it´s not just the drivers […]

  • More Information for Tourists this Easter

    The Valencia tourism department has increased coverage for the Easter period, by opening new temporary centres across the region, and ensuring the existing Tourist Information Centres are open at key times during the holiday. This Easter, there are 26 additional, albeit temporary, tourist information offices, with 13 of them in the Alicante province, including in […]

  • Busy Roads This Weekend

    You might think that the roads around Torevieja have been particularly busy over the last week or so, and they  have, but not as busy as they are about to become! The second phase of the special Easter roads operation will begin on Wednesday across most of Spain, except in the communities of Valencia and […]

  • Torrevieja Arrests in VAT Fraud

    Seven people have been arrested in Torrevieja, Benidorm and Alicante, alleged to be part of a group who defrauded 48,000 euro in VAT by importing German vehicles into Spain through their business located in Guardamar, but not paying the tax in either country.   The investigation began when officers from the traffic department became aware […]

  • Chickens Killed in Redovan Fire

    A fire at a farm in the Alicante town of Redován on Sunday night has resulted in the death of some 20,000 chickens. The fire was declared at about 11:00 p.m. on Sunday with eight fire tenders being sent to the scene from Orihuela, Almoradí, Torrevieja, Crevillente and Elche. It took fire fighters 3 hours […]

  • Vehicle VAT Fraudsters Arrested

    Officers from the Guardia Civil have arrested seven people for allegedly defrauding the tax office of more than 48,800 euro in transactions purchasing high-end vehicles. The group would purchase the vehicles in Germany and import them into Spain, without paying VAT in either country. The fraud was possible through the creation of fake invoices. The […]

  • Preparing for Easter 2019

    Final plans have now been set out for the special operation on the roads of Spain to ensure the safest movement of traffic for the Easter period, when 15.5 million long-distance trips are expected, 7.4% more than last year. The operation begins at 15:00 (3 p.m.) on Friday 12 April, and ends at midnight on […]

  • Where is Your Top Destination this Easter? #TopVacacional

    The Director General of Traffic, Pere Navarro, has presented the details of this year´s special operation to deal with the flow of traffic around the Easter holidays, with the usual emphasis of ensuring a smooth flow of traffic whilst preventing traffic related incidents during the 10 day holiday period. During the Easter holidays of last […]

  • Watch Out! You are Not Alone!

    In the last five years, a hundred people have gone to work for the benefit of saving lives, but never to return home, having been killed whilst working on the roads. The DGT has joined in a campaign launched by the association of companies who carry out road maintenance, warning drivers of the simple message […]


Is it a bird?
Is it a plane?
It's both a bird and a plane in a double exposure kind of thing.

#sky @ Elche https://t.co/pjeVrZNrG6

Following the intervention of an independent adjudicator, we may have reached a suitable compromise!
#catwatergate #cat #water #kitten #whosinchargeinthishouse https://t.co/YWR67bXwAW

A classic vehicle at a classic location
#diecast #police #rangerover #gmp #greymarelane @ Grey Mare Lane Police Station https://t.co/dvZIXzDKg3

I am talking about how my beans are sprouting and it's Sean Bean's birthday today.
He's 60 (yes really) 🌱

"It want me!"
"Well Stretch, someone threw my glass on the floor!"
Good thing it's actually plastic!
#cat #caught #guilty #kitten #disaster https://t.co/alY94ofh1v

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